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16-Dec ( 2002 ) , Hindi

Synopsis: " You can like our channel on facebook:�844 It's December 3rd, a normal day in Mumbai, except that - A Dalal Street broker is trying to spend a crore of Rupees a day on fancy cars and women.... A mysterious high tech killer is stalking the streets with cold fury... 5000 crores of rupees is morphing into a Swiss bank account code named White Lotus... A shadowy Afghan terrorist organization is now offering a Soviet era nuclear bomb for sale... Someone has found a mysterious clue. It's a photograph of the famous surrender between Generals at Dhaka, and its dated 16 December 1971... Welcome to the world of intrigue, deceit and sudden death. Welcome to an adrenalin charged adventure where a moment could turn into a nightmarish reality in tomorrow's news. 16 December, a title for a film. Also a date with destiny 30 years ago, when Pakistan surrendered to India after the Bangladesh war. 16 December. A dead line that sets off a mind--boggling man hunt in search of a faceless target. Both sides are equipped with the latest technology. Both are determined to win, whatever the cost. "

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