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18 Vayathinelay ( 2000 ) , Tamil

Synopsis: " Raju( Kamalhassan)is a car racing driver and very popular among girls.His father is big shot in the city who encourage his interests in sports and studies. In the first sight he mess up with heroine Elspeth, later with couple of meetings both were fall in love with each other. But both sides their parents opposing for their marriage so they run off from them and married, living together. Raju continue his studies and Elspeth earning money and running the family. Kamal passed his civil service exam and become IAS officer and their economic problems are sorted out. Meantime Elspeth suffering in terminal illness. Raju taking her to good doctors to cure the ill. Climax is whether Elspeth gets life or not? Their parents take them back? Climax should have the answers. For More Tamil Movies:- "

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