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2012 Mirza The Untold Story ( 2012 ) , Punjabi

Synopsis: " Movie: 2012 Mirza - The Untold Story SYNOPSIS The story follows the love story of Mirza and Sahiba. The two fall in love with each other in childhood, but Sahiba's older brother Jeet separates them. The film takes place 15 years later, when Mirza (Gippy Grewal) is a gangster and joins Jeet's (Rahul Dev) underworld gang. Jeet has no idea that Mirza is his childhood enemy. When Mirza and Sahiba meet each other again, they realize they still love each other. However, Jeet has already engaged Sahiba to his gang member, Deesha (Honey Singh). The story takes a turn when Jeet finds out that Mirza actually loves Sahiba and plans to marry her, and adds Mirza to his hit list. Mirza and Sahiba run away together to get married, but soon enough, Deesha tracks them down. The story unfolds into a deadly climax with a twisted ending! CAST Gippy Grewal as Mirza, Mandy Takhar as Saheba Honey Singh as Deesha Rahul Dev as Jeet Binnu Dhillon as Diler Singh Also available on iTunes�/id514453365 "

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