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Aai Pahije ( 1988 ) , Marathi

Synopsis: " Director: Kamalakar Torne Writers: Shantaram Nandgaonkar (lyrics), Vandana Vitankar (lyrics) Language: Marathi Release Date: 1988 Stars:Lakshmikant Berde, Sadashiv Amrapurkar, Mandakini Badbade and Ramesh Bhatkar Orphaned Branch Manager of Dadar Sahakari Bank, Rakesh Patil, gets married to Jaya, a woman from an orphanage, and they soon become parents of Nandkumar. They long for a mother's love, and advertise in the local newspapers for one. They get a good response, and pick a woman, name her 'Aai', and permit her to move in with them. The Patils are not aware that the woman they have permitted to live with them is an escapee from a mental institute, is secretly meeting with a knife-wielding ex-convict, Malhari, and has a son, Mohan, who is the local hoodlum and extortionist, and soon their harmonious and idyllic lifestyle will be shattered and turned upside down. "

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