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Aaji Aajoba ( 2011 ) , Marathi

Synopsis: " Aaji Aajoba, is story about two kids Akshay and Tanvi who are part of a nuclear family. There's is a typical urban family where both the parents are so engrossed in their career and routine that they don't have time to sit and have a conversation with their kids. Result? Kids are lonely they don't understand whom to go to with their perpetual questions and queries, they don't have the warmth of relationships that will pacify the emotional need of love and affection and last but not the least understanding of their world. The kids are not happy and one they come across an old couple who not only understand the kids world but they also have all the time in the world to look after the kids and take every thing which kid say or want seriously and see it to that their emotional needs and wants are fulfilled. The kids want these grand parents home but there are social barriers, structures, rules and regulations, that don't allow this movement. But the kids don't give up. Do they get their grandparents? If yes, How? This film is a journey in the minds and heart of children who want some thing more than plastic toys and computer games, who want something more that vitamins and power packed food. This film is about parents who are running so fast that they are missing out the pleasure of the journey called 'life' This film is about us and our children, and depicts the urgent need of a bridge of warmth, caring and understanding in between our world and the innocent world of kids. "

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