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Aakash ( 2005 ) , Kannada

Synopsis: Akash is the new production from Kannada Movie icon Dr. Raj Kumars production company better known for its neat family entertainers. The films produced by Ms. Parvathamma Raj Kumar wife of Dr. Raj Kumar have some brand value in the Kannada film industry as the films will not have even a tinge of sex violence and double meaning dialogues.Akash confirms to all these standards and presents the hero of the film in a totally different manner. He is an optimist straightforward chatter box that can keep others in good humor. His intention is to keep every one happy even at the cost of some discomfort to himself. He takes all the incidents in his own life as it comes and then reacts to such situations in his own way. According to him life is one thing which teaches us to take positively. But he has such a great love towards his sister that any person will be at the grave risk of being attacked vigorously if any one plays with her. The high point of this film is the characterization of the hero which comes off very well in the film.

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