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Aalayamani ( 1962 ) , Tamil

Synopsis: " To what extent can jealousy drive a person? Murder? Thiagarajan (Sivaji Ganesan) a millionaire cannot bear failure. A brilliant tennis player, he meets Sekar (S.S. Rajendran) during a game on the tennis court. He takes an immense liking to him, adopts him as his own brother and takes him to his home. Unfortunately, both fall in love with Meena (Saroja Devi). Feeling indebted, Sekar sacrifices his love. But Thiagarajan finds out the truth and jealousy lifts its head. His ugly past keeps haunting him. What is his past unmentionable? Will he sacrifice his love for his friend? Will he act the same way as he did in the past? All these puzzling questions unravel themselves as answers in the latter part of the movie. "

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