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Aarusamy ( 1990 ) , Tamil

Synopsis: " Family drama Movie. The story moves around Mahalaxmi(Jayasudha),who is mentally ill.She has two brothers Aarusami(Vikram) and Mohan(Anand),their soul work is to protect Laxmi. Aarusami is a villan who comes out of jail,and this is the entry scene of hero.The hero has smashed a roudy mans head for teasing his sister. Aarusami and Mohan married to Padma(subhasri) and Geetha (Ravali),but they are unhappy with Mahalaxmi,and they used to fight with there husband about it very often.Movie getting second phase in the flashback exploring how Mahalaxmi becaming mentally retarded. She married to crooked male(villain) who married her for property and her mother in law used to threaten her badly like maid and finally she went back her own house as mad. Mahalaxmi's husband took her back to home and made her a normal human again to get her property registered on his name. But the villain was married to another women who claimed villain is the father for her child but she was already married to another guy who acted like her brother to steal money from villain but the hidden story come out in the end when Aarusami and Mohan rescued Mahalaxmi's husband from them.Between the main subject womanizer comedian had want to marry heroine who went to city to find her,there comedian meet telugu leading comedian Bhrmanandam as a cheater who crabbed all money from comedian. "

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