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Aashirwad ( 1968 ) , Hindi

Synopsis: Shivnath Choudhary lives a wealthy lifestyle in Chandanpur India along with his wife Leela and 8 year old daughter Neena. He likes to mingle with poor folk much especially Baiju to the chagrin of his wife who shuns them and only tolerates them as long as they continue to pay taxes. When Shivnath steals money to help dwellers Leela has the huts burnt down and forbids him from seeing Neena ever again. Hurt and confused Shivnath flees to Bombay where he befriends a man named Mahadev and makes some money entertaining young children including a girl named Neena. When Neena passes away Shivnath returns to Chandanpur only to find the village in ruins and Rukmini the daughter of Baiju abducted and being held by Ramdas Leelas Munim. Shivnath tracks Ramdas down kills him and is subsequently arrested and sentenced to prison for 14 years. He passes his time writing poems for Neena and hopes to see her one day when he gets released. Years later he does get to see her in the prison yard along with her fianc�� Dr. Biren who is the doctor attached to the prison but finds that she loathes convicts. He hides his real identity from her and she subsequently warms up to him and even talks with him about her dad. He also finds out that she is to be married soon. A day before her marriage Shivnath has a stroke and is hospitalized. The next day he is told that the rest of his term has been pardoned and he is free to leave when he recovers. Shivnath insists on leaving immediately. Seriously ill and facing the risk of being shunned by everyone will Shivnath make it to Neenas wedding in time?

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