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Aata Matra Kamaal Jhali ( 2009 ) , Marathi

Synopsis: " Girdhar Rao, a businessman was keen on getting his daughter Falguni married to his business partner���s simpleton of a son. But she was in love with Tushar and was bent on marrying him. This was trouble enough for Girdhar Rao. Not to mention his wife���s brother and his wife, enjoying his hospitality without so much as asking him. Upset and frustrated, Girdhar makes a dramatic announcement, one day. He says that he is in the business of counterfeit printing of money. Kaboom! Tushar, and his relatives who were living at his expense and lording it over him vanish. But the police land up in their place. How Girdhar Rao solves this problem is to be seen in this comedy, Atta Matra Kamaal Zaali. "

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