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Aathi Parasakthi ( 1971 ) , Tamil

Synopsis: " Mythology states that the world was formed when the sound ""Aum"" started reverberating. The form that arose out of this sound was 'Aathi Parasakthi'. From her came Brahma (The Creator), Vishnu (The Protector) and Siva (The Destroyer). From her own self she made Lakshmi, Saraswati and Parvati. She had strictly told Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu that the three Devi's should be treated with proper respect, failing which; the lords would be separated from them. The movie ""Aathi Parasakthi"" is about Vishnu and Shiva separated from their respective spouses and the happenings thereafter. The movie captures various episodes, bringing out the compassion of Aathi Parasakthi to her true devotees. She destroys the ogres thus saving the world from further calamity. "

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