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Abbaigaru ( 1993 ) , Telugu

Synopsis: " Dorababu(Venkatesh) is a son of a landlord in a village, His mother died when was born. He seeks mother's love as he is kid. To take care of dorababu, his father marries jayachitra to bring him a new mom. Kota Srinivasa Rao is the brother of jayachitra. Both of them made a plan to grab whole assets of dorababu by making him illiterate. But dorababu doesn't know his mother's cunning nature and love towards his assets. He loves his mother a lot. Dorababu fell in love with Meena, somehow he marries her and took her to his home. Meena is very intelligent and found Jayachitra's cunning nature and double game towards her husband. Meena tried to explain to his husband about Jayachitra, but he fired on her and warns meena, not to say false allegations about his mother. Hence meena herself make a challenge to prove jayachitra's character to dorababu and play a game with her. Hence story takes interesting turn, rest of movie you can see in your favourite teluguone's youtube channel. "

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