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Abohoman ( 2009 ) , Bengali

Synopsis: "Aniket (Deepankar De) is one of the finest filmmakers in Bengal. Deepti (Mamata Shankar) is an actress with whom he had fallen in love with while casting her in one of his films. She sacrificed her career for love and marriage. They were a perfect family. The plot thickens when Aniket auditions a young actress, Shikha (Ananya Chatterjee), who bears an uncanny resemblance to his wife when she was younger. Deepti enthusiastically begins to coach Shikha for her husband's film - so much so that Shikha becomes even more like the girl Deepti used to be and as a result the aging Aniket falls in love with Shikha, a woman as young as his son, despite the sadness and trouble it brings to his family. "

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