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Achha Bura ( 1983 ) , Hindi

Synopsis: " Mohammad Sher Khan is a Pathan who has re-located to India from Afghanistan and befriends Phagwara-born Veer Singh. Both are quite naive, they steal a truck from a businessman who has 20 such trucks, get into a fight, are arrested, and jailed. They are let out for good behavior, go to live in Chaurasiya Chawl, and lease a truck for a living. There they become popular when they oust the local goon Jaggu Dada. Then a Catholic Anglo-Indian, Rosy, comes to live there. Both friends mock and make fun of her, but then all three become fast friends. When Rosy falls ill, both come to her rescue and ensure that she recovers. They find out that she is the nanny of a wealthy young woman named Rita Roy, and they also find out that Rita has fallen in love with wealthy Ravi Lala, both want to get married but Ravi's dad wants a huge dowry. Sher Khan and Veer Singh come up with a scheme to get the young lovers gets married - but the scheme has many flaws: it does not involve Rosy at all; it may end up seeing the duo back behind bars; as well as Ravi getting married to a woman of his dad's choice "

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