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Aga Bai Solava Varis Dhokyacha ( 2009 ) , Marathi

Synopsis: " Dagdu Patil, his wife Hansa and their only son Daulati, a happy contended family. All���s well till Daulati suddenly falls ill. Medicines do not seem to work, doctors not able to diagnose what exactly is wrong with Daulati. Dagdu then contacts Dr. Avinash Dhurandhar, his friend from Mumbai. Dr. Dhurandhar initially suspects that Daulati is a victim of the AIDS epidemic. But when the tests show him to be HIV negative, Dr. Dhurandhar tells Dagdu that Daulati is a victim of a disease more deadly than AIDS. Dagdu is struck dumb. But when he learns the name of the supposed disease, a laugh riot breaks out. With generous doses of humour this play brings out the deadliness of the AIDS virus and makes it understandable to the common man. "

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