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Agni Pareeksha ( 1981 ) , Hindi

Synopsis: "Karuna Choudhary's husband kills himself when her former lover, Anupam, returns to her life. After this sudden suicide, Karuna Choudhary must not only look after the household, the family business, but also admit her only child, Alok, in a mental hospital. When Karuna meets with an accident and is wheelchair bound, she hires Meeta to help oversee her affairs. Karuna begins to take a liking to Meena and wants her son Alok, who is now older and cured, to marry her. But Alok runs away to Bombay. An anxious Karuna asks her manager, Siddharth Sharma, to locate him and bring him back home. Alok is unhappy at home, but when he meets Meeta, he falls in love with her and wants to marry her. The only problem is Meeta is in love with Siddharth and wants to marry him "

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