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Ahwan ( 1976 ) , Bengali

Synopsis: Bimal is the son of a conservative Brahmin family from the village of Hijali. He is a professor in Kolkata. He comes to the village and an old Mulsim woman starts calling him Gopal which is the childhood name of Lord Krishna. She keeps on bringing fruits milk and other things for Bimal. Sometimes Bimal gets irritated and embarrassed but she does not stop. One day Bimals uncle throws her out of his house and insults her for her religion. Bimal feels deep sorrow for the lonely old mother. He tries to give her comfort. Rahim s mother wants Bimal to marry Mini who is in love with Bimal. Bimal s uncle arranges the marriage. Rahims mother sells her last remaining assets and buys a saree for Mini. But Minis brother insults her. After a few days Rahim s mother dies. Remembering her Gopal Bimal buries her himself and builds a tomb over her grave. Bimal and Mini express their respect and love dedicating flowers on the grave of Rahims mother. To watch more movies in high quality HQ log on to To receive regular updates on new movies SUBSCRIBE NOW at�bengali.

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