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Album ( 2002 ) , Tamil

Synopsis: " Madhava is a doctor but a single appearance as hero in a film has also made him the heartthrob of thousands of girls. He marries Simi but a revelation about his past separates them and takes them as far as divorce. They remain friends though even going so far as to fix up each others second marriages. Simi decides to get Madhava married to Chella, a nurse at his hospital while he tries to fix up her marriage with a dancer Azhagu.In the end, Madhavas and chellas wedding and Simis and Azhagus wedding are fixed on the same date. Unfortunately Azhagu then marries his house maid due to his fathers greed for wealth .Chellas parents then find out Madhavas passed revelation and call of the wedding.In the end Madhava and Simi remarry and Chella marries Vivek Madavas colleague who was interested in her ever since he became Madhavas desciple in the hospital. Sneha attracted many directors and producers and her acting career went to the next level. The movie ended up receiving mixed reactions from the public. "

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