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Alibaba Aur 40 Chor ( 1980 ) , Hindi

Synopsis: " Super Hit Adventure Movie Alibaba Aur 40 Chor (1980) Synopsis : The cool wind dispenses the fog and caresses the mountain side, as the first rays of the morning sun touch the snow capped mountain. Suddenly, all hell breaks loose. The earth trembles, stones begin to fall, water flows backwards and the mountain cracks open. From the opening, emerge Abu Hasan and the forty ruthless killer thieves. There is panic in the city of Gulabad. Once again Abu Hasan has struck this time with a new weapon- Gunpowder. Alibaba, our hero is least concerned. He is eagerly awaiting his father's return, who has gone to a distant land. A mysterious woman appears and starts enquiries about Yusuf's return route at the shop of Kasim -- brother of Alibaba. While Alibaba is still debating the mysterious beauty, he hears of Abu Hasan blasting the dam over which his father's caravan is passing. The mystery solves itself. Who is the mysterious woman? With the dam gone -- city is now without water. Wells fulfill needs of rich. Poor die of thirst. Blood becomes cheaper than water. In the sky there is a white pigeon. It brings good news -- Yusuf is alive, saved by a passing caravan of King Tabrez. But he is unfit to travel. Alibaba sets out to bring his father home. When he reaches the palace of King Tabrez, he learns that both his father and the king have been killed by evil Shamsher, who is also forcing Princess Marjina- King's daughter to marry him. Alibaba rescues Princess Marjina with the help of an old man. He however, fails to find his lost father and returns home with the Princess and the old man -- no other than his own father. Father and son travel together not knowing that this is their last journey together. Abu Hasan strikes again. Yusuf is mortally injured and Hasan kidnaps Marjina. For Alibaba all is lost. He does not give up and fate forces him to become woodcutter. One day, as he cuts wood the tremours begin again. The earth trembles, stones begin to fall ... and from the tabled cave emerges his most hated enemy. Alibaba now knows Abu Hasan's hide out and his immense treasure . "

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