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Alladdin Adbutha Deepam ( 1957 ) , Telugu

Synopsis: Alladdin Adbutha Deepam is a black and white cinema casting A.N.R and Anjali Devi.The main plot of the cinema is.. Alladdin is a son of poor tailor who had nothing do but play along the streets with other idle boys like himself.His father dies and inspite of his mother's tears and prayers he did not change his day alladdin meets a stranger whose none other than the magician himself unknown about it alladdin takes him to his home where he meets his mother.The magician tell's alladin's mother that he would assist him in his work.the magician takes alladin with him to a cave where the magic lamp can be found.Alladin is instructed to get the lamp without touching anything in the cave so does alladin on bringing the lamp the magician tries to snatch the lamp and kill him but to his surprise allddin dosen't handover the lamp and gets locked in the cave for 2 days.with the help othe magic lamp he gets out of the With the help of the lamp how alladdin meets the princess how he overcomes his problems and lead a happy forms the rest of the story

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