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Alludugaru Vacharu ( 1999 ) , Telugu

Synopsis: " Murali (Jagapathi Babu) is an orphan. He deeply loves shalini (Heera) who is a chorus singer in keeravani's troop, but she doesn't care about him. Her ambition is to become a big singer like Alisha and says to Junior Nagarjuna that she doesn't love him and Junior Nagarjuna is after her because she thinks Junior Nagarjuna is after her for lust and not for love. Murali says that it is true love and from now on he doesn't meet her as long as she doesn't recognizes his love for her and wait for her until she takes the first step towards him. Murali meets his childhood classmate mahalaxmi (koushalaya) after third encounter she tells him that she loved madhu (Abbas) as her parents are trying to get engaged to some other person to escape from that, she says that she is already married to madhu. And the same day madhu dies in an accident. Mahalaxmi requests murali to act as her husband for time being until she gets her papers to leave for USA. He agrees and goes to village story takes a new twist from here story revolves around jagapathy babu koushalaya and their family members. "

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