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Allulla Majaka ( 2007 ) , Telugu

Synopsis: " Munna is an awara who spends his time at Ladies College. Pappu is another young man who sells black tickets at theaters. Both these Munna and Pappu are friends and love two sisters Reshma and Najma respectively. Haneef Murgeewala is the father of those two pretty girls who runs a small Chicken shop. Haneefas dream is to get two American returned sons-in-law. In this condition how Munna and Pappu fulfill their wish to marry Reshma and Najma? What are all the pranks and tricks they play to win their love? What are the hindrances they get on the way? How Mama, a local Gunda helps them in their way? All this has to be watched on screen for laughs. Its s a wholesome entertainer to sum up. "

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