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Amar Prem ( 1989 ) , Bengali

Synopsis: " Amar Prem was released on 1989 Bengali film starring Prasenjit, Juhi Chawala, Shakuntala Barua, Shakti Thakur, George Baker, Soumitra Banerjee, Haradhan Banerjee Music of the feature film directed by Bappi Lahiri. The story is as Subho (Prasenjit) after completing his M.Sc. returned home where his mother wished to give his marriage with Mr.Bose's daughter Deepika (Juhi Chawala). His Mother (Shakuntala Barua) approached Mr.Bose with her proposal but Mr.Bose refused and insulted Subho's Mother. Subho decided that any how he would marry Deepika in presence of his mother. Subho met with Depika in disguise in the nameof Gobardhan auddy and eventually Deepika fell in love with Subho. But later she discovered that mr.auddy was someone else, and that's why she was very surprised and shocked. Later she came to know that real identity of subhio. Subho felt sorry for what he had done by hiding his identity and ask Deepika to forgive him. Deepika at last forgive him. On the other hand Deepika's father was still disagreeing to engaged Depika with Subho. Rather he wanted his estate manager ""Niladri""to get married to deepika. But niladri was not a man of good soul. He acted in such a fashion to impress Mr. Bose. That after marrying her, he could take away all his properties. Depika's friend Supriya had an affair with Niladri. They got married, and she was pregnant. Niladri stabbed her in a hotel in the day of their marriage. All these incidences was seen by the hotel manager and he tried to blackmail Niladri. But eventually he was also killed by Niladri. Since Mr.Bose, Fixed the date of marriage of her daughter with Niladri, on the very same day Deepika runaway. while she was running a way dhe found the hotel manager laying half death on the roadside. Manager gave Deepika a letter with was a proof of supriya's murder by Niladri. Niladri came after in Deepika and kidnapped her. Eventually Subho came and rescued her. Finally both Subho and Deepika's Parents agreed to tie mutual knot between Subho and Deepika. Visit us at "

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