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Ambari ( 2009 ) , Kannada

Synopsis: The ordinary cobbler Dhanu Yogish is fond of his father. His father Rangayana Raghu is fond of William Shakespeare while the heroine Saraswathi Supritha is fan of Rashtrakavi Kuvempu. Dhanu does not know anything about love. Someone talking to him with respect is a great surprise for him. Dignity for him is divinity. In such a situation the aristocratic Saraswathi falls in love with him. After repeated admissions by Dhanu that he does not match her but ultimately love wins. Saraswathi is not ready to accept for the disparity wall Dhanush brings in. When Saraswathi express that she is ready to come with Dhanu to any place both decide to leave the city in a cycle. They are not aware where they are heading towards but in the meantime they have to answer the old rival gang. It becomes an escape for the lovers on a bicycle to a far off place. Dhanu battled and bruised gives a surprise to Saraswathi in bring her to Taj Mahal in Agra. Before that had fought severely that Saraswthi is not aware. She is baffled on finding that Dhanu is no more.

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