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Ammai Manasu ( 1989 ) , Telugu

Synopsis: " Chandra Mohan is one of the natural and sensational actors ever.Watch out the movie Ammai Manasu.In this movie, the parents of Geeta (Jayasudha) are very much worried about her marriage.Geeta's sister Shantha proposes Sharath Babu for Geeta.But unfortunately, Sharath Babu doesn't come on time and Geeta's parents misinterprets his assistant Chandra Mohan as the guy and forces Geeta to be friendly with him.When Geeta and Chandra Mohan are deeply in love at that time they come to know that Sharath Babu is the real guy.What does Geeta's parents do in this situation and whom does Geeta marries forms the rest of the movie. "

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