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Ananda Jothi ( 1963 ) , Tamil

Synopsis: " Anand (M.G. Ramachandran) is orphaned at a young age. He holds on to the values taught to him by his mother and teaches in a school as a drill master. Little does he know that the owner of the school, Muthiah Pillai, was a servant in their house. Ponniah, as he was called then, had run away with their wealth and had started living under the name of Muthiah Pillai. Jambunathan, a smuggler, comes to Muthiah Pillai's house and continues his amorous activities from their house. When he learns the truth about Muthiah Pillai, he blackmails Muthiah and makes his family a puppet in his hands. He murders a C.I.D. officer, planted by the police, to capture him and frames Anand in the plot. The remaining part of the movie is about how Anand proves his innocence and finally, brings Jambulingam to book. "

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