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Ananya ( 1992 ) , Bengali

Synopsis: " Ananya was released on 1992 Bengali film. This movie is Tollywood film stars Ranjit Mullick and Aparna Sen as lead the pair. music of the feature film is directed by Rabindra Jain. This story is as Jamunabai (Aparna Sen) is the daughter of Kamlabai. Chandrakanta (Ranjit Mullick) has come from Kolkata to Benaras to watch a 'Mujra'. He falls in love with Jamuna after watching her and knowing her links with Kamlabai, a great 'Mujra' dancer of Benaras. Jamuna has no intention of dancing anymore. Jamuna soon adopts a boy she has seen abandoned on the road. Soon she faces a financial crunch. She informs Chandrakant who throws a condition - he will marry her without giving his name to her son. Jamuna refuses the proposal and goes back to doing Mujras. She decides to give tuitions in music to her son. Gopal, her son soon grows famous for his songs. Re-naming Gopal as Jyoti, she leaves. Chandrakant takes over the responsibility of Jyoti. Ultimately Jyoti grows up and becomes a famous singer. He starts ignoring Jamuna. Chandrakant reveals the true story of his childhood to him. Jyoti realises his mistake and comes back to his mother. Visit us at "

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