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Anbulla Rajinikanth ( 1984 ) , Tamil

Synopsis: " 'Anbulla Rajinikanth' is a moving tale of little girl, Rosy who is abandoned by her parents as an infant. Being physically disabled, she lives in an orphanage. She is very moody and stubborn as she cannot come to terms with the bitter truth that her parents have abandoned her. She has a change of heart upon seeing a movie starring Rajnikanth and develops immense faith in him. Lalitha, Rosy's real mother, comes to the orphanage and serves there as a maid. Lalitha, it appears, had serious reasons for abandoning Rosy. The movie touchingly captures the manner in which Rajnikanth helps Rosy get rid of her bitterness and Lalitha's trauma upon learning about her daughter's ailment. The audiences are left with the unanswered questions - should blooming flowers like Rosy be punished for elder's mistakes? Do these unidentifiable children not deserve a drop of water called - Love? "

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