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Andaz ( 1994 ) , Hindi

Synopsis: Ex-student of the S.T. School, Ajay (Anil Kapoor) is appointed in the same school as a teacher. Jaya (Karishma Kapoor), his student gets her thrills by harassing him and playing mischievous pranks. Ajay�s refusal to enter into a romantic relationship with Jaya upsets her. She challenges him that she will one day become his wife. Frustrated and fed up with her antics and with no choice on hand and also to prove a point, Ajay marries Saraswati (Juhi Chawla), an illiterate orphan girl. Jaya befriends Saraswati and in due course of time teaches her everything from cooking to reading and writing. Then one day, a group of terrorists attack the school and take the children as hostages. Ajay and Jaya are trapped.

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