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Andolan : Ek Violence Story ( 2009 ) , Hindi

Synopsis: " Synopsis-The story of Samrajyam deals with the opinion differences between brothers. Both fight for authority and supremacy. Srihari and Suman play the roles of two brothers in disgreement. In their fury and aggression to win, both cause trouble and damage to each other. Their characters and personalities go through continuous changes in each step of their eventful lives. The changes are brought about by their own experiences. Do they learn the lessons at the end is told in the enthralling, action-filled screenplay. Sentiment, romance and comedy finds a place in the riveting theme. But above all, action finds a predominant role in the film. ""It is a mass film with generous touches of novelty,"" says the film's hero Srihari who has plays his trademark fiery action hero role in Samrajyam. Malavika's role will have a special significance. "

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