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Angai ( 1968 ) , Marathi

Synopsis: " This tale plots around a drought prone village Bhedas. A worth man Chimaji Patil puts in his best efforts to make this place a better living, but his rival Gannu Dokeray tries every tactic to pin him down. Gannus mischievous nature lands him to getting punished by Chimanji, this gives birth to revenge. To avenge this insult Gannu targets Rao Sahed Son of Chimanji and gets him addicted to high spirtis. After Rao realizing his mistake he agress to get married to Chimaji's choice. Due to water shortage Chimaji digs a barren land for water, but unfortunately he comes out with empty hands. One Fine night Lord Nagaraja comes into his dreams and says that the land won't fetch water until a lady who just delivered a baby sacrifices her life over there. Chimaji���s daughter-in-law who is just delivered sacrifices her and her baby's life and into that pit. Due to this sacrifice till date Bhedas is blessed with water. "

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