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Anjali ( 1988 ) , Bengali

Synopsis: " Anjali was released on 1988. This Bengali movie is Tollywood film stars Ranjit Mullick and Moon Moon Sen as lead the pair. Music of the feature film is directed by Gautam Basu. The story is as Anita is a spoilt and rich kid of Bhavani Chatterjee, a wealthy tea estates owner. Bhavani Chatterjee is a devotee of Kalima and meets Bishwajit, also a devotee of Kalima and has dedicated his life to the Goddess. Anita does not believe in God and not only hates Bishwajit but is also an atheist. He rmarriage is fixed to Deepak. On the wedding day Deepak and his dad does not agree for the match until Bhavani Chatterjee transfers some of his tea estates to Deepak's name. Anita does not agree and the marriage is called off. To avoid disparagement, Bhavani marries his daughter to Bishwajit and also transfers his wealth to him instead of Anita. Anita is extremely annoyed at this gesture and from day one, does not approve Bishwajit as her husband. She meets Abhijit, a manager in the tea estate and decides to marry him. She forces Bishwajit to call of their marriage. However by God's grace Abhijit comes to know about Bishwajit and Anita's relation. In the meantime, Deepak seeks revenge on Anita for preventing him from being rich. Abhijit rescues her, again by Gods grace. On witnessing so many miracles in her life, Anita starts believing in God and Bishwajit. Visit us at For Regular Updates, Click here at "

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