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Anokha ( 1975 ) , Hindi

Synopsis: " Widower Hridaynath lives a poor lifestyle in Belapur where he works as a Head Master. Her instills national pride amongst his students and the villagers and gets them actively involved for the general betterment of their lives, and even gets his childhood money-lender friend, Kanhaiyalal, to forgive some loans for needy villagers. He has a son, Ram, who studies medicine in Bombay. One day a villager named Dhanoo returns back from Bombay and alleges that a man resembling Ram had given him a lot of money to return home and swear never to leave Belapur but Hridaynath scoffs at this as he knows Ram cannot afford to give money away. His worst fears are realized when he finds out that Ram is actually living a double life in Bombay where he works for a smuggler, Manchanda, has abducted his employer's daughter, Sudha, as well as cash and gold from an American named Shambu Khanna, and is on his way to Belapur to malign his name and disrupt his life. "

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