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Antardwand ( 2010 ) , Hindi

Synopsis: When a young couple in Delhi University find out that they will soon be expecting a child, the act of announcing the news to their conservative parents is just the beginning of an explosion of events. The boy - Raghuveer who has just appeared for his Civil Services exams is admonished by his father against marrying his pregnant girlfriend in Delhi. Distraught and defenceless, Raghu cancels his visit home to Bihar and leaves for Delhi instead. But before he can leave the village he is abducted by a headstrong and ambitious father of a girl who wants to have a potential IAS officer as his son-in-law. The boy is forcibly married off at a gun point, much against his and the girl���s own wishes. Once married, they are locked up in a room for days until they consummate their marriage and accept each other completely... but do they accept one another in the face of inevitability? The film provides an insight into the reality of a feudal India refusing to die. It is a story where everybody involved pays a heavy price for the ugly patriarchal power play and reveals a society rotting while the country surges ahead to be a global power. Antardwand is a film that stokes the sensitive, thinking viewer���s ire, concern and empathy.

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