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Asha Jyoti ( 1984 ) , Hindi

Synopsis: " Super hit movie Asha Jyoti (1984)Jyoti lives with her dad in a small mountainous town in India. One day she overhears musical tones being played by a talented young artiste by the name of Deepak Chander, and she instantly starts to dance with the music. Deepak witnesses this, introduces himself, and offers to coach her, which she accepts. Thereafter both fall in love with each other. When her dad and Maujilal find out she is meeting with Deepak, they are concerned as this may cast a stigma against Jyoti's name. However, their concerns are put to rest when Deepak assures them that he is in love with Jyoti, and plans to marry her, after getting approval from his parents. Deepak's dad, Ramesh Chander is a wealthy businessman, and his mom is a housewife. Ramesh would like his son to get married to Asha, the daughter of his close friend, Badriprasad, however, Deepak does not show any interest in this proposal, but instead makes it clear that he wants to marry Jyoti. His parents reluctantly approve of this alliance, and Deepak and Jyoti get married. Tragedy strikes, and Jyoti is believed to be dead. Deepak is compelled to give in to his parent's wishes and marries Asha. Years later, a woman claiming to be Deepak's wife, along with a newborn baby, shows up at Deepak's residence - throwing their lives into chaos and disbelief. "

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