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Ashoka ( 2006 ) , Kannada

Synopsis: Ashoka Shivaraj kumar the son of an honest police constable who desires to make his son a Police officer.Ashoka gets selected for the IPS and even is cleared by the Police investigations But before he takes up his jobhe gets involved in a criminal assault case wherein he attacks a rowdy element. Ashokas father throws him out of his house but a determined son takes on the evil world of the rich white-collar criminals on his own.He becomes a Don and loots the education mafia and transport mafia sharks.But he spends the money to feed and educate the poor and depressed.Finally the police department engages a detective to trap Ashoka. But after his investigations he advises his chief to go slow on Ashoka so as to enable him to completely wipe out the mafia. FinallyAshoka s father realizes his mistake and salutes his son for his deeds.

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