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Ashoka Chakravarthy ( 1993 ) , Telugu

Synopsis: " Ashok (Nandamuri Balakrishna) belongs to an innocent traditional family back ground.Urmila (Bhanu Priya) and Ashok are in love.But Urmila's father Tyagu (Maruti Rao) has betrayed Ashok's father and is trying to adopt their whole property pushing them down to below poverty line.Adiseshayya (Narra Venkateshwar Rao) and Tyagu had planned together and have declared Ashok as a thief and had sent him to jail.After returning from jail, Ashok's father Vedam (Somayajulu) had restricted him to enter into the house.Ashok has now decided to go to any safe place and earn a lot of money due to which he can again held up his family's pride.In this situation he comes across Karim Saheb (Satyanarayana) in Mumbai and gets involved in illegal and corrupt activities in the city.By doing all this Ashok can earn lots of money but will he be able to regain his parents confidence and their love, for whom he had jumped into such a trouble.Watch out the graceful actor Balakrishna in the movie Ashoka Chakravarthy. "

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