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Atishbaz ( 1990 ) , Hindi

Synopsis: " Shamsher Singh (Shatrughan Sinha) is a petty criminal, living with his widowed mother and sister, Asha. He is in love with a gypsy dancer, Reshma and enters into a conflict with Jagga (Iqbal Khan) who also wants to Reshma. Jagga bribes the police and makes them arrest Shamsher and torture him in jail. After his release, Shamsher finds himself disowned by his mother and he seeks the assistance of his friend Vijay (Chunky Pandey) to locate Jagga and kill him. The murder of Jagga elevates Shamsher to be a top assassin and is recruited by crime boss, Kewal K.K (Prem Chopra). Vijay starts to shows an interest in Asha, which leads to his friendship being severed with Shamsher. Vijay in order to marry Asha, decides to go legit by becoming a Police Inspector and vows to fight crime. Shamsher, in the meantime eliminates Kewal K.K. And takes over his crime empire. He joins forces with notorious gangster, Tony Gonsalves (Kiran Kumar), and is all set to rule the underworld. Things take a violent turn when Shamsher is confronted by Vijay which leads to a war where only one can survive. Can Vijay succeed in ending the crime empire of Shamsher? What price will Shamsher pay when Tony Gonsalves finds himself to be double crossed? "

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