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Attukkara Alamelu ( 1987 ) , Tamil

Synopsis: " The plot is telling the story of Aattukara Alamelu (Sripriya) heroine. Alamelu mess up with villain who is rapist and playboy in the village. Heroine has fighting coat to protect herself from masculines in the village. Hero Vijay(Sivakumar) marring Alamelu against his father's will. Another hand villain raping Vijay's sister and marry her. Villain trying to capture all the moneys of Vijay so he playing conspiracy against Alamelu and sent her out. Vijay also believes whatever villain says, he is angry on Alamelu and pull her on court. In the climax villain's color is fate off. Alamelu and Vijay reunion at the end. Paruthi ethakaiyela song is blockbuster hit in this movie. Music by Shankar Ganesh. "

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