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Avargal ( 1977 ) , Tamil

Synopsis: " Anu's (Sujatha's) life revolves around three men - her ex-husband Ramanathan whose sole aim in life is to kill her soul with his arrogant behavior and words; Johnny (Kamal Haasan) whose love is one sided; and her ex-lover Barani whom she meets after her divorce. Anu realizes that she is still in love with Barani. The movie captures her emotional struggle, dealing with these three men in her life. Both Johnny and Barani propose to her. Just when she decides to tie the knot with Barani, Ramanathan comes back into her life. What decision does she make? Does she go back to her ex-husband? Does she marry Barani? Does she accept the proposal of Johnny? All these questions are answered as the movie progresses. "

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