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Awaaz ( 1984 ) , Hindi

Synopsis: Advocate Jayant (Rajesh Khanna) a criminal lawyer believes that a lawyer's duty is to do service to his client alone and to bail him out of his trouble even if his client is in reality a criminal. His close friend Amit is an honest police inspector who brings many of the goons part of gang of smuggling head Mulchand Malhotra but they are let off by the court as using his skills and knowledge about the loopholes in law Jayant helps Mulchand in setting his workmen free from jail.Amit Gupta asks Jayant to be more responsible when he defends criminals, who are repeat offenders. Later Amit gets killed and this motivates Amit's brother Vijay to join the police force. Meanwhile Priya falls in love with Vijay and both decide to marry. But one day while going on a picnic Anu and Priya get into trouble as their car tyre gets punctured on a road near a jungle. There a drunkard who happens to be Mulchand's son rapes Anu and injures Priya. On being humiliated Anu commits suicide. Jayant also gets a clue that the death of his friend Amit was not accidental but was a delibrate attempt by some goons and that the rapist is a person known to Mulchand and his gang members. Jayant tries taking help of his clients Mulchand, Meerchandani in finding the real culprits but realises that they are not responsive. Jayant vows to find the assailants, but before he could attempt anything his daughter, Nandita, is kidnapped. The kidnappers want Jayant to represent Mulchand's son in a criminal case, and gets him acquitted.Mulchand says his daughter is with them and would be left once his son is let off in court of law. Jayant gets his client out on bail.Jayant does not know that his client is the one who had raped his wife and sister, and when Jayant does find out - what can he possibly do - with his daughter still under the control of her kidnappers.The rest of the story is how he single handedly brings all of them to justice.

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