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Ayyaa ( 2001 ) , Tamil

Synopsis: " Ayyaa is a kind hearted human being. The story opens in the year 1971 when the whole of Tamil Nadu is under the clutches of famine. Ayyaa and his friend Madasami go to the MLA of their constituency, however the MLA refuses to help them out and moreover he smuggles the load of foodgrains sent by the centre for the sake of the villagers. When the villagers come to know about it they attack the MLA's consignment and in the ensuing fight the MLA gets killed by Ayyaa. The villagers together take the blame on themselves and save Ayyaa, but Ayyaa being a good human being carries the guilt all along his life. In the following Assembly election they force Ayyaa to contest the election, Ayyaa wins and stays put as an independent MLA for the next 34 years. However the MLA's son Karupusami is out to avenge his fathers death. He keeps on contesting against Ayyaa in the elections and keeps on trying to kill him for 18 years unsuccessfully. Will Karupusami succeed in killing Ayyaa? Will Karupusami's evil intentions win over Ayyaa's goodness? Watch and find out. "

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