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Balae Pandiya ( 1962 ) , Tamil

Synopsis: " Pandian (Sivaji Ganesan) decides to end his life, as he has been driven out of his house by his sister-in-law. Kabali (M.R.Radha), the head of a robber gang, saves him and brings him to his house. Kabali and his accomplice Marudu (Sivaji again) plots to kill Pandiyan, look alike of Marudu and collect an Insurance amount of one lakh, which is in the name of Marudu. The innocent Pandiyan is not aware that he is being used as the sacrificial goat. In the meantime Pandiyan falls in love with Seeta (Devika), the daughter of Amritalingam Pillai (M.R. Radha again) a rich businessman. When Pandiyan finds out that his life is in danger, he escapes. He saves the daughter of an estate owner, and is adopted by him as his own son. On learning this, Kabali hatches another plan. He decides to kill Pandian, and send Marudu in his place as Pandian, and thus enjoy the wealth. But Pandian's brother, scientist Shankar (Sivaji for the third time), dons Pandian's role at the behest of his wife. How does all this confusion resolve? Is Pandian really dead? "

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