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Basha ( 1995 ) , Telugu

Synopsis: " Manikyam (Rajnikanth) is a humble auto-rickshaw driver whose life revolves around his family. His dreams and aspirations are only to see his brother and two sisters to be happy and settled in life. He falls in love with Priya (Nagma), a wealthy girl who finds Manikyam to be the most admirable man she's ever met. His sister tops her medical exams but can't afford to pay the fees to be admitted in the private college and the Director says that he'll admit her if she agrees to sleep with him. So, Manikyam goes to meet the director in closed doors and when they're out, the director is shook up and readily gives her a free admission. Similar instances compel his cop brother, Shiva, to question his big brother's past. The flashback reveals Manikyam's true identity as Manikyam was a mafia don called Basha, in the city of Bombay. Basha was respected by the public and feared by all wrong-doers. His archenemy, Antony (Raghuvaran) murders his best friend and his father (Vijaykumar), to whom Basha promises to give up the mafia life. He fakes his death to protect his family and assumes the identity of Manikyam, the auto driver. Now, Manikyam finds himself haunted by his past as Antony learns that Basha's still alive and he plans to take his revenge on him. The climax of the movie shows how Manikyam defeats Antony and saves his family from harm. "

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