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Bava Nachadu ( 2001 ) , Telugu

Synopsis: " Ajay (Akkineni Nagarjuna) is a director and actor who has a definite idea about how his future wife should be like. He gets married to a village belle Kamakshi (Simran Bagga), handpicked by his mom from her native town Kovvuru. After marriage, Kamakshi meets with a hairline fracture. The entire family of Kamakshi lands up at Ajay's house to take care of Kamakshi. She has a beautiful and greedy sister called Lahari (Reema Sen). During that period Suma (Suman Ranganath), the regular model of Ajay, meets with a fracture and Lahari replaces her as the model opposite Ajay. During that moment, Lahari gets lured by the modeling profession and then falls in love with Ajay. But Ajay does not have any feelings for her. Then Kamakshi gets well and the parents and sister of Kamakshi goes back to their village. But the bug of love bites Lahari and She is unable to forget Ajay. She starts behaving differently. She invites Kamakshi and expresses her desire for Ajay. Kamakshi gets mad and returns to her home to protect her husband. Meantime, Lahari resorts to suicide. Kamakshi, being very close to Lahari, promises Lahari that she will make her marry Ajay. The rest of the film is about how Ajay manages to save his marriage without hurting Lahari. "

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