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Bawal Kare Chhediya ( 2009 ) , Hindi

Synopsis: " Chedi was the only laundryman in the village who was loved by all. The village is ruled by Thakur Dev Singh. He gives trouble to the villagers and the farmers according to his wish. He cheats the poor people by giving them loans and making them fall in trouble was his business. Dancing queen comes in the village. The dancing queen Bhijuria noticed the violence and the fraud business happening in the village...At the same time Dev Singh's sister Gauri falls in love with Chedi. When Dev Singh comes to know about this he gets very angry. He tries very hard to teach a lesson to Chedi but he fails...Bhijuria and Chedi both come together and in joyfully they expose all the facts of thakur Dev Singh. At the end what is Bhijuria's aim? What happens to Chedi's nuisance behavior? Does Gauri gets her love? What is the end of thakur dev singh?To know more watch entertaining family film ""Bawal Kare Chediya"". "

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