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Bazaru Rowdy ( 1988 ) , Telugu

Synopsis: " A female lead movie, Sireesha played by the beautiful Nadhiya runs a local news paper and has enmity with Satyanarayana played by Aho Bal Rao, who plays a negative role in the movie. Sireesha plans to reveal all his crime history in her newspaper, so satyanarayana kidnaps her cousin and threatens her. The male lead in the movie played by Ramesh Babu enters the scene. He some how fights with the kidnappers and gets her cousin back. Sireesha is instantly impressed. Satyanarayana makes a clever plan later on by hiring Ramesh babu to do his dirty work .What happens next is definitely a mystery. Series of events occur and finally Sireesha ends up going to the prison. Rest of the movie is how the fight for justice evolves. This gripping movie keeps you entertained throughout. "

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