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beni huto bar bar varse aavyo ( 2002 ) , Gujarati

Synopsis: " Beni huto bar bar varse aaviyo This is touchy story of the love between brother and sister. This relationship is one of the pious and selfless one. This is the story of brother Kano and his sister Mira. Parents of Kano and Mira were killed when they were child. Kano and Mira becomes orphans and they goes to their maternal uncles house. Uncle was very good at heart but aunty was cunning and cruel. Brother -- sister passes these painful days in the hope that one day they will get happiness in the life. Time passes...Kano and Mira grownups. Marriage of Mira gets arranged but the mother in low of Mira was very greedy. On the day of marriage, Kano could not fulfill the demand of dowry. Mother in law of Mira taunts Kano, and Kano takes a pledge that unless and until he arrange money of the dowry will not see the face of his loving sister. Kano goes to the city and work very hard. At last after the long twelve years Kano becomes rich and goes to his sister's house with lots of money. When Kano reaches his sister's place gets shocked to know that in-laws of Mira have thrown her sister out of the house and there was not a single clue about her where about. What happen now? Does Kano can meet her loving sister Mira? Watch this eye-opening, emotional movie- Beni huto bar bar varse aaviyo "

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