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Bhagyachakra ( 2009 ) , Bengali

Synopsis: " The Bengali film Bhagya Chakra was released in the year 2008 starring Sidhant, Anu Choudhury, Varsha, Anubhab & others, Krushna Chandra and Anupam Dutta Scored the music in this Film. The story is as Sangram Kishore Roy an eminent wealthy man died when he came to know about his son Sasanka. Unfortunately Sasanka and his wife died by poverty. Tulsi the stepchild of Sangram Kishore immediately took charge of the whole property. Tulsi was ready to accept Sasanka's child Raju, but Tulsi's husband tried hard to kill Raju. Ultimately Raju survived and stayed there as a servant. Prabah a young beautiful girl from the same village loved Raju a lot. On the other hand, Tulsi's only daughter, Mona came back after completion of her studies. Mona loved Gourav. Suddenly Gourav died by an accident. In such a circumstance, Raju was forced to get married with Mona. Prabha shocked, but she also continued her relation with Raju. Ultimately, Prabha became pregnant and Mona came to know everything. At last, Prabha died and Mona took the responsibility of the child of Raju and Prabha. Visit us at "

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