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Bhairava ( 2010 ) , Telugu

Synopsis: " Srihari plays the role of Bhairava, a cop who wants to reform all the crooks in the city. Bhairava asks Hyderabad's goondas to take care of crime in their respective territories, and warns them that they'll be shot dead in police encounters if ever a complaint is filed against anyone in their areas. This works for a while, until a shady politician Chaturvedi (Supreet) enters the scene and messes with Bhairava's well-intentioned plans. Bhairava is suspended as a result of Chaturvedi's intervention. Meanwhile, there is this bunch of orphans that Bhairava is bringing up, among whom is a whiz kid called Siva (Meghansh) who can crack police cases at a drop of a hat. When he plays the main role in averting a supposedly major bomb blast, he is selected for a bravery award. However, on the day of the award function, it is discovered that he has a congenital heart disease because of which he won't live beyond 48 hours. The Governor grants him a wish, and Siva asks to be made DGP. Once he's DGP, he reinstates Bhairava into the police force. What happens post the reinstation of Bhairava is what forms the rest of the story. "

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